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Vegetables the Saltpeter

Hortalizas el Salitrero is a young and family business with fundamental values such as honesty and seriousness. That works every day to give the highest quality in its products and offer the best service to its customers.

At Hortalizas el Salitrero we reduce costs by making boxes in our facilities that will reach our customers directly with the guarantee of our own brand and trust certificates.

We are producers of 90% of our product, which makes us able to guarantee its control, giving guarantee and confidence.



Every detail counts, that is why we control the entire production process from the time we prepare the ground until it reaches our customers.

To prepare the land we introduce animals that are in charge of cleaning the weeds and crop residues, generating at the same time manure of great benefit for the structuring, fertilization and purity of our soils, thus respecting the environment.

We sow making the most of the soil and serving each crop with its corresponding needs.

We do pest control by introducing natural enemies that end it. A biological pest control makes us minimize the use of other products, which in another case would be much higher than the current one and that is why we have obtained certifications such as
GLOBALGAP. Certificate that is responsible for guaranteeing good practices and ensuring food safety and environmental protection.

Certificado GLOBAL GAP.png

Points of Sale and Collection

The diversification of our points of sale makes us closer to our clients both in the Northand the South ofthe island.

In the Northyou can find us in Mercatenerifein modules 102 and 104

In the South,our offices are located in Rio, Arico, S / N.

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